The Campbell Fund

What is the Campbell Fund?

The Campbell Fund was set up with a generous donation from one of our clients in memorial of her beloved dog, Campbell. The donation was earmarked for cases that require extensive or life-saving procedures which might far exceed the finances of the sick pet’s owner.

How Are the Needy Pets Chosen?

Our Doctors and staff care deeply for the well-being of each and every pet that comes through our doors. In rare cases, we come across responsible, loving pet owners who have done everything right for their pet, but cannot afford more serious care to solve the problems that plague their pet. The recipients of the Campbell Fund donation must show proof of financial hardship, and their case is discussed with the Doctors and Owner to determine what is the best course of action.

Who Has the Campbell Fund Helped So Far?

Justice the cat

Justice was a sweet Burmese cat who had one stubborn tooth sticking straight out that needed to be extracted. Upon further inspection, our Doctor discovered four other teeth severely infected, but unfortunately, the owner wasn’t able to afford that extensive procedure. The Campbell Fund was able to pay for 88% of Justice’s bill, and the Owner was so happy Justice was pain-free and safe.

Hobbs the cat

Hobbs was a loving outdoor-only barn cat presented with painful limping. When Dr. Troska took x-rays, we found that both of Hobb’s hipbones were broken and out of place. As sweet as Hobbs was, the owners elected to euthanize him, unable to pay for the complicated surgery and recovery. One of our technician assistants fell in love with Hobbs, and he was signed over to her care by his previous owners. The Campbell Fund took care of 80% of his treatment and surgery costs, and he is happily on the long road to recovery with his new, loving owner Sydnee.

How Can I Help?

Our clients are more than welcome to donate to the Campbell Fund. $1 from every new client exam is put into the fund for future applicants, and we encourage anyone who is interested to speak to our receptionists. We will make sure you are put on a donor list so you will be updated anytime we use the money from the fund for a new applicant.