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Cat Friendly Practice Idaho

Cats make awesome companions. They’re sweet, cuddly, fiercely independent and endlessly entertaining. Of course, they can also be temperamental, nervous and finicky at times, which can make bringing them to the vet downright challenging.

At River City Veterinary Hospital, we understand the unique needs of our feline patients. In fact, we care so much about making sure cats receive the medical attention they need and deserve that we’ve become a “Certified Cat Friendly Practice.”

What does this mean for you and your furry friend?

Well, for starters, it means that your kitty will be treated with gentle, reassurance and handled with extra care. We realize that many cats find visits to the vet to be an unpleasant and sometimes even stressful experience. Some feel nervous in their carriers or frightened of cars. For others, the unfamiliar sights, smells and sounds of a vet clinic can trigger anxiety and fear. Not only can this be scary for your cat, but it can also be very upsetting for you.

The team at River City Vet is hoping to change this trend through our Certified Cat Friendly techniques. Our doctors and support staff have all received specialized training to be able to understand and address the unique needs of cats.

To help reduce anxiety and make visits as calm and stress-free as possible, we offer cat friendly exam rooms. These rooms are specially equipped with pheromones and other features that are designed to keep cats relaxed and at ease. Feline patients are given plenty of time to explore their surroundings and become comfortable with the staff before any treatment is administered.

When the time is right, your kitty will be handled with tender, loving care by our experienced staff. The truth is, even cats that seem perfectly healthy – including those who live exclusively indoors – can benefit from regular checkups. With the Certified Cat Friendly care at River City Veterinary Hospital, you can ensure that your feline family member enjoys a long, happy and healthy life. Best of all, you’ll both get the peace of mind that comes with receiving this kind of stress-free care.

To learn more about our Certified Cat Friendly services, please watch the following video. Or contact us to discuss how we can help make visits to the vet a more positive experience for you both. Call us TODAY to schedule your cat’s next appointment!

Source: American Association of Feline Practitioners