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Giving Back

The B1G1 is a social enterprise and non-profit organization whose mission is to create a world full of giving. It functions by helping small- and medium-sized businesses make a social impact through “giving activities,” which are the result of day-to-day business transactions. Each of these transactions can impact lives for as little as one cent. 

At River City Veterinary Hospital, we are proud to be part of the B1G1 and are proud to have helped contribute to the over 177 million worldwide impacts made to 43 countries. This is due in large part to our clients and their pets!

Which Specific Services at the Hospital Help Make a Global Impact?

When you and your pet become part of the River City Vet family: 

· We give 50 days of medical support to nursery school children
· We give 365 days of access to life-saving clean water to families in Ethiopia
· We give 60 days of medical protection to street animals

When your pet is groomed at River City Vet:

· We give one meal for a hungry and injured dog

When your pet gets care at River City Vet:

· We give 67 days of medical protection to street animals

When your pet stays at our Pet Resort, they have fun, and we want kids to have fun too. For each night that your pet stays at our resort:

· We give seven days of access to a fun learning environment to children

At River City Veterinary Hospital, we are very proud that our veterinary care not only helps the local pets of our community, but it also extends to helping make a social impact worldwide. We encourage our clients to stay on top of their pet care because it keeps their pets healthy but also makes a difference across the globe. 

We encourage you to ask us any questions you may have about the B1G1, our hospital and the impacts we have made together. For any questions, feel free to visit us, contact us online or call us at 208-888-7300.